Holiday house in Lapland

Welcome to Lapland - enjoy the pure nature and feel like at home

Nice small about 25 years old holiday house in Enontekiö at Muotkajärvi lake is waiting for you.

Our holiday house is situated on own 3000 m2 property at the lake in quiet area in Enontekiö near Hetta in Lapland.

Distance from Jyväskylä 770 km, Muonio 62 km, Hetta 15 km, Kilpisjärvi 160 km, Norway 60 km...

Best way from abroad to come here is to fly to Kittilä airport, rent a car and drive to the holiday house about 100 kms north

During winter you may also fly to Enontekiö airport which is only 7 kms away. Unfortunately it is not possible to rent a car there. Better way is to fly to Kittilä and rent a car there...

In summer time you can fish on the lake and rivers nearby, you may also pick blueberries and cloudberries in August and of course wander in the deserts. In winter time you can ski in Hetta, watch Northern lights...

Indoor area is about 40 m2 downstairs and 25 m2 upstairs. Downstairs there is one double bed in very small bed"room" and living room with kitchen, and bathroom together with toilet and sauna. Upstairs there is only sleeping matresses for six persons.

Holiday house is well equiped for six-eight persons, only dishwasher missing. Outdoors there is barbeque place for grilling and "laavu" to fry fish or sausages and watch sunsets.

You can use rowing boat and some fishing equipment.

Before you leave the holiday house, you have to tidy and clean everything. Before leaving the key, this will be checked. Or you can pay extra (75 euros) for the lady who does it for you.

You have to have your own bed linen (sheets) and towels with you - or you can ask for them for extra charge (20 euros/person).

You have to cook by yourself. You can buy all food in supermarkets in Hetta, 15 kms away. The dishes you have to wash by hand (no dishwasher).

You can also use several restaurants in Hetta for lunch or dinner. There are delicious burgers made of reindeer in Hetta.

Ski centers and wandering paths nearby

The nearest downhill or cross country skiing area is in Hetta. The slopes are less that 1000 m and the height is about 100 m. You have many possibilities for wandering and skiing in the nature from Hetta or near the house (for excample Pyhäkero and Pahtajärvi).

Bigger downhill skiing area is in Pallastunturi, about 90 kms from the house , Slopes are more than 2 kms and height is more than 200 m. This is a good day trip in winter. or Olostunturi in Muonio is also a good place to ski or downhill ski.

You have to have your own bed linen and towels with you!

We are looking forward to see you in Lapland and hope you enjoy quietness and nature in Finland!

Feel like at home and enjoy!

Cook by yourself, wash your dishes, fish on the lake, grill your food, smoke the fish you got, go to sauna and swim in the lake, wander in forests, pick berries and enjoy life in Lapland.

And enjoy good food in restaurants in Hetta. Visit several interesting places nearby. You may also see northern lights in the sky in winter time?

If you have rented a car, you have plenty of interesting places nearby to see, like Kilpisjärvi or Skibotn in Norway...

Visit in tourist info in Hetta and Enontekiö websites.


100 euros / one night (minimum 2 nights)

260 euros / weekend (Friday-Sunday)

650 euros / one week

If you stay longer than one week, we can discuss about the price and make you an offer


If you want quality fishing trips from Hetta, contact or 

Cottage rentals, contact and bookings:

Teemu Vehviläinen +358503486078


Kari Vehviläinen +358500777053

Muotkajärven lomamökki | 2017 | Tervetuloa Lappiin
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